Build Your Own Brand

Build Your Brand

 Wholesalers typically allow you to re brand their goods with your own name. Wholesale e-liquids are shipped in generic bottles so you can simply stamp your logo and sell them as your own. If you are able to source great-tasting e-liquid that your customers will love, you could establish a strong brand in the vaping community. 

Enhance Industry Knowledge

 Working directly with the manufacturer gives you insider access to the actual process of formulating e-liquids. Details such as selection of ingredients, mixing of flavors, quality control, packaging, and logistics are just some of the things you’ll be privy to. With this knowledge, you’ll be able to compare different suppliers or even go into e-liquid manufacturing yourself in the future. 

Quick Access to New Products and Deals

 Buying wholesale e-liquid gives you a chance to build a long-term relationship with your supplier. As a preferred customer, you will be able to get a leg up on new products and deals before they hit the retail shelves. 

Make More Money

Once you have developed a brand popular in your area and have a sizable network of manufacturers to choose from, you could use your considerable authority and credibility to negotiate for lower bulk buying rates or charge a premium for your goods. 

Benefits of buying wholesale e-liquid

 When you buy wholesale e-liquid, you take out the middleman out of the equation and all the fees that come with the distribution chain. You will only be paying for the raw material and labor expenses of the manufacturer, not the shipping of goods from one warehouse to another. Going through a third party also means you have to cover the profit margin of every trader involved in the transaction whereas buying directly from a manufacturer allows you to purchase e-liquids at factory prices. 

How to buy wholesale e-liquid

 Finding the right e-liquid wholesale supplier is not easy. It can take you weeks to sample all the available e-liquid flavors from dozens of companies out there. To begin your search, go to e-cigarette online forums and ask for recommendations.